Everyday 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts stream though our mind. What if we could harness the power of our thoughts to become more efficient at solving our problems, for being creative and innovative as well as understanding our deepest potential?

The Cloud Thinking Method is a way of thinking and living, a Growth Mindset. Based on Eight Cloud Processes, it guides people step by step to tap into their own psychological strengths, rethink the way they think and take innovative actions to life-changing outcomes. Cloud thinkers understand problems and difficulties an integral part of life, hence, see them as nutrients for growth.

1. Definition Cloud

Define the Problem.

Change the energy of the problem.

2. Discovery Cloud

Discover who you are, your core DNA and opportunities opening up.

3. Mindfulness Cloud

Give yourself some space between yourself and your thoughts. Practice looking at your thoughts rather than being caught in them.

4. Dream & Opportunity Cloud

Open to new opportunities relating to your problem.

Make intentional adaptation to your goals.

5. Design Cloud

Design an action plan that can withstand the bumps and headwinds along the way.

Prepare your resources.

6. Value Cloud

Know what really matters. Fine tune your values.

7. Destiny Cloud

Nurture and build upon your growth mindset to become the master of your own destiny.

8. Willingness Action Cloud

Take into account thoughts, feelings and urges which may prevent you from moving forward and come up with a strategy to overcome those thoughts and feelings.