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A Happier, Healthier You

We offer individual or group specialist coaching sessions to apply the Eight Door Method, enabling individuals to have the courage to reach their full potential and battle any problem that comes their way.

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These are just three stories.  Shikodo works with the seemingly impossible and makes it happen.


Ying* was a 16-year-old orphan girl in Zhejiang Province China.  She had no family and was destined to work on a farm or brick factory.  We found she had a skill for speaking English which she learnt both at school and through self-study on the radio.  In spite of her believing and others telling her she could never go to vocational college or run her own business.  Working with her using Cloud Thinking Method, she not only achieved her goal to go to vocational college, but she eventually ran a successful on line packaged food business.


Eric*  had repeated admissions to psychiatric hospital over 5 years for schizophrenia. Eric had a passion for hamburgers and when asked what his aspiration was, he replied he wanted to run his own hamburger store.  We helped Eric tap into his strengths and helped him build upon skills through generative learning. With some help from his local community he volunteered at hamburger fundraising days.  With further facilitated community help a small rundown shop was rented, re-furbished through donations and eventually Eric and a team of helpers ran a small hamburger shop. Eric now successfully lives in community and achieved what many thought would be impossible.


Dianne* is challenged with cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheel chair.  Her disability has affected her hand movements.  Her hope was to work in a shop and she dreamed of attaining qualifications in Retail Management. There were a lot of obstacles to overcome.  Finally, she felt she wanted to study a Certificate II in Retail Management, but navigating online study was complex.  We were unable to find a Coach to work with Dianne who had experience in Online TAFE study and who had the compassion and patience to embrace Dianne’s disability.  Then, completely ‘left field’, we asked a young Sudanese former refugee, Jane*,  if she would like to Coach Dianne as Jane had experience with TAFE Studies and she was very resilient with natural skills learnt through her own life of struggle.  Dianne and Jane were matched with Jane receiving on the job training.
As of writing this story Dianne is well on her way to achieving her dream.

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I think just the concept behind emergence as covered in the training was very powerful for me. The idea that we are always working towards something, or to become something resonated with me and is absolutely truth. This indicated to me that we can choose who or what we want to be by starting today to emerge towards a desired future self. The 8 Clouds provide guidance on how one can achieve this desired future self through the application of the clouds such as Mindfulness training.

Abdel Saeed, Sydney

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