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Six Keys to Well-Being

Article By: Mona Yosief, Psychologist and Shikodo Coach

Mental health is a state of emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

The things in our everyday life that affect our emotional, psychological, and social well-being are:

1. To belong:

We need to belong to something greater than ourselves. We need to have community, people who resonate with us, know that we are valued.

2. Authentic Expression:

The ability to fully be ourselves and express our truths. We need to feel we don't have to self-censor, mask who we are, what we think and feel.

3. Purpose:

We need to feel as though we're doing something that contributes to the greater good of our families, friends and communities

4. Freedom:

Free will. An ability to choose for ourselves that leads to overall confidence, seldom trust and autonomy. Humans feel most stressed when they lack choice.

5. To love and be loved:

Love is the truth of who we are. We need to love others, ourselves and we need to be loved. This is our natural state of mutual giving, sharing, and accepting.

6. Meaning:

Life has suffering and joy.

We need meaning in our lives to make sense of the suffering we experience.

We are mind, body, and soul. When our needs of these are not met, we go into survival mode(stressed) we are meant to thrive not just survive.

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