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The Beginning

It started at the intersection of two impossible ideas. In 2012, Malcolm sat in a poor mountain district of China, as a Buddhist monk, appalled by the dilapidated state of the crumbling temple before him, dating back many hundreds of years.  The first idea begun from the desire to run weekend Mindfulness Retreats for international guests; any donations would help the temple revive itself.  A great idea but there were more than a few serious obstacles to overcome; no phone connection, no internet, no marketing skills, a very basic Chinese language ability and absolutely no seeding money. It seemed quite hopeless. The second impossible idea was when Malcolm was asked to help a poor young orphan woman, as well as abandoned persons with mental health issues, achieve their dreams despite their poverty, disability, and social barriers.


It was these two seeming impossible projects that summoned up the alignment of years of mental health work and Buddhism studies to ignited another idea. Malcolm needed to look at the way he thought and the more he studied the more he noticed the natural way of thinking standing in the way. “I had never observed my own thinking before and I realized I needed a way to think that brought results – quickly.  It was not just thinking positively. I needed a way to think that reframed the challenges and guide a step by step process to the emergence of innovative action.”

From Malcolm’s profession as an experienced psychotherapist and mental health worker, he began to synchronize strategic thought processes both from Eastern philosophy as well as modern psychological modalities to enable him to reframe the obstacles and tap into his own strengths. To enable easy transfer of these psychological skills to others, each process was designated a ‘Door’. The Eight Doors open to empowering spaces that give strategies to enable you to think differently with a mindset that is focused and effective.


Three years later over 800 people had come on Mindfulness Retreats and the temple began to be repaired.  A young orphan woman and several others achieved their aspirations, attained education, employment and had valuable mind skills to help through their life journey. 

With further studies the Shikodo Eight Door Method of Coaching and thinking eventually emerged.  You see, we have, for the most part, grown with a default mindset.  When we change our mindset to a ‘growth mindset’ the impossible gives way to ‘possible’ and we can emerge free. By rethinking the way we think great achievements can take place.

Join us in the journey to a new mindset and not only discover what you can achieve but perhaps go on and teach the skills to others that they in turn may realize their deepest aspirations.

About Us: About
About Us: Mission, Vision, Values


About Us: About Me
Our Mission

Empowering people to emerge through their struggles to their highest potential, upskilling them to in turn empower others.

Our Vision

We believe that transformation starts from within. Peace, success, and happiness are not decided by external circumstances but rather by our internal conditioning, our own thoughts.

By changing our mindset, we can change our life.

Our Values





Loving Kindness & Compassion


Equality & Equity





Malcolm Hunt


Francis is a qualified accountant (CPA). Having worked in the commercial and for purpose sectors as a CFO Francis offers a unique blend of experiences managing group financial performance, corporate governance, risk management and digital transformation. Francis has a passion for helping vulnerable communities by being able to contribute to solutions that are empowering and create long term change. Francis joined the Board of Shikodo in August 2022 as a Director and Company Secretary.

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Poppy has a degree in Master in Counselling (MA) and has many years of experience providing support to individuals, couples, and families in her private practice. In addition, Poppy has a vast history of working in the not-for-profit sector. Poppy is passionate about helping others who are in a vulnerable position. She has extensive experience in supporting people with mental health challenges.

About Us: Team Members


We have a multilingual team with coaches throughout the world. To find a list of coaches near you, use the contact form below.



Vandana works with individuals to help them tap into the power of their mindset leading to beautiful possibilities that exits for them. She works with a state of curiosity, using powerful questions that facilitate introspective thinking to create a solution for a focused outcome. 

Professional qualifications include a Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering, a Certification from the Coaching Institute Professional Coach (2019).


Mona Yousief is based In Kampala Uganda and is a psychologist practising at the East African Medical Centre. Mona is passionate about working with young persons challenged with disability as well as with refugees.

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Rosie is a compassionate, values-driven and strategic coach and mentor. Her career has been in both education and business. She has been an English teacher, Events and Marketing Manager.

Drawing from rich experience in teaching and mentoring young people, she is highly skilled at active listening, strength enabling, and growth facilitation. She is fluent in English and Vietnamese. 


Gamze is of Turkish background now living in Sydney Australia. Gamze has a Diploma of Counselling and is registered with the Australian Counselling Association.  Gamze is presently studying a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She is passionate about helping others, particularly vulnerable people. She is bi-lingual Turkish and English.

Founder, Chairman and Managing Director

Malcolm is an experienced professional in psychotherapy, mental health and mental health program management having worked with Anglicare Mental Health Project, A Place to Belong, Brisbane, GROW Queensland, and Arafmi Queensland.
In 2011 Malcolm left his career to pursue studies and life in Buddhism and became ordained as a Buddhist Monk at Guang Jue temple Zhejiang Province China.  There he led word-class Mindfulness Retreats during five years for people across the globe; from top executives, celebrities, people struggling with mental health issues, and the like. Malcolm Developed the Eight Doors Method drawing on learnings drawn from mental health work and working in developing communities in the Solomon Islands and rural China.  Malcolm is passionate about helping people on the edges reach their dreams and highest potential.




Daud is a highly experienced Disability and Youth Worker skilled at working with a diverse group of people with over 10+ years' experience in Human Services. He is an ambitious and passionate about bringing peace to the world.

Daud is founder of Youth for Global Peace Inc, continually working for peace.

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