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Community Projects
Community Projects: South Sudan and Uganda
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After nine years of civil war South Sudan is struggling to emerge as a nation with the people severely mentally and physically traumatized, lacking food, health and basic needs.  The United Nations has recognized that without people feeling empowered they will continue to live lives of poverty and desperation.  One aspect that has not been addressed is that of helping people develop psychological skills and a growth mindset. It is in this area that Shikodo has taken the initiative.

In November 2020, in partnership with the South Sudanese Cultural Development Agency of Uganda, Shikodo conducted Coach and Mentor training in the Shikodo Method for nine community development workers working with young persons, women and children in isolated villages as well as refugee camps in Uganda.

In 2021 this work will continue in training youth peer mentors in leadership skills, conflict management and growth mindset.

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Last year a refugee support worker met a newly arrived refugee woman with her two small boys who had escaped persecution in Eritrea.  Her name is Mona.  The support worker was surprised that Mona was a professional Psychologist. Mona and her two boys had faced severe and unspeakable hardship and trauma.  Mona was eventually referred to Shikodo.  We soon discovered that Mona had a depth of cultural knowledge with verifiable qualifications and while medical practitioners are present in the refugee camps, psychologists are scarce and desperately needed. Mona has completed the Shikodo Method training under challenging conditions. Internet has been poor quality and feeding her two boys has been critical.  Shikodo has worked to empower and upskill Mona to commence a Trauma and Education Centre for refugees. 

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Shikodo works with persons with disabilities who aspire to break out of the ‘disability’ label which has defined them. Developing skills, training and education for future employment is vital.  Our coaches help in developing a strong ‘ability’ and growth mindset so that the friends we journey with become contributing and valuable members of our community.

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