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Naked Klay
Shikodo x Naked Klay

$1 from every purchase with Naked Klay supports Shikodo

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Naked Klay is a skin care range developed by Mother and Daughter duo, Danielle and Pamela. Combining their passions for Chinese medicine, cosmetic chemistry and beauty, they created a range of herb-based skincare that focuses on balance and harmony. Through the use of ancient medicinal herbs, their philosophy is to find the right balance between raw ingredients and the science necessary to ensure their products work effectively.

Naked Klay's Vision and Mission

Danielle and Pamela's goal is to create awareness that goes far beyond, to normalise talking about self love, self-care and other mental health issues. Society's superficial idea of beauty has led to various problems such as low self-esteem, anxiety or mental disorders.They want to support as many people as they can by investing their time into supporting non-profit organisations who focus on positive thinking, self-love awareness and mental support.


It is Shikodo's honor to partner with Naked Klay and join in their inspiring journey. Both Shikodo and Naked Klay share the vision to empower their customers and clients to glow from within, whether via their natural beauty or mindset. With this alignment, we together run events to raise awareness about the importance of self-love and self-acceptance, giving the audience practical tools to gain confidence and positive thinking.

With Naked Klay's support, many souls have been touched. Tears and happiness were brought to Mona, a frontline Shikodo key worker, working in Trauma Centre in Uganda as finally she got her Internet paid and can continue her coaching and virtual working with Shikodo in Australia. Mona is just an example of how impactful their contribution has transformed her and many others’ lives.

We would love to thank you for your support for Shikodo and Naked Klay!

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