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Shikodo is a for-impact organisation. We are on a mission to change how the world thinks, using an innovative coaching and thinking framework, the Eight Doors.

Shikodo is a Solution, Strengths and Skills-based program that guides you step by step to tap into your own psychological strengths so that you change how you think and take innovative actions toward life-changing outcomes.


We provide Solution, Strength and Skills based coaching based on the Eight Doors Model to empower people to reach their highest potential as well as have the psychological skills that they may use to foster confidence and resilience. Our work is with young persons challenged with disabilities, socio economic challenges and lack of life opportunities. All our coaches are carefully selected for their sense of vocation and dedication.


A Happier, Healthier You

We offer individual or group specialist coaching sessions to apply Shikodo Eight Door Method, enabling individuals to have the skills to remain target-focused and become empowered.


A Stronger Workforce

In our workplace training & workshops, we’ll work to solve current problems and improve positive thinking and culture. We help the teams strategically think stronger to tackle business problems and improve overall culture and mindset.


Become a coach and help others

We offer Shikodo Eight Door  Mindset Coach training. If you are interested in helping people break down barriers and achieve where others have said it is impossible, we would love to hear from you.


Partner with us

We work with many not for profits to bring Specialist Mindset Coaches with the Eight Door Method equipping people with the skills to emerge to their full potential and overcome their struggles.

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Community Projects

Shikodo’s works on numerous projects empowering emerging communities to overcome poverty and the results of trauma through developing solution focused mindset with strong psychological skills.

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South Sudan & Uganda

South Sudan & Uganda

Train youth peer mentors in leadership skills, conflict management and growth mindset.

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Trauma and Education Center


Empower and upskill trauma survivors to become key workers to commence a Trauma and Education Center for refugees.


Australia: Project 'Labels' 

Sydney, Australia

Empower people with disabilities to break out of the ‘disability’ label that has defined them and limited their potentails.

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Shikodo Ltd

ACN: 646 750 718

ABN: 72 646 750 718


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