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To Dream and Drive

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Pressilla Nanyange

I am a huge fan of Formula One Racing. I think in another life I would have pursued a career in Formula One. What especially intrigues me about Formula One is the need for speed. Motorsport is generally about going the fastest. The ultimate champion is always the fastest car. And the fastest car is usually driven by one of the most talented drivers in the race, who proves beyond doubt that he is the best.

Daniel Ricciardo is my favourite Formula One driver. To be honest, the reason why he is my favourite has nothing to do with racing, I just love his smile. He’s the second person I know with the biggest smile. I am the first of course 😁😁😁.

To dream and drive! Imagine driving a Formula One car while actively dreaming. Your mind is completely focused on the road in front of you, while simultaneously, you have absolute faith and belief that the champion's trophy is yours already. To dream and drive, that is exactly what I am doing at this point in my life.

Photo by Mkjr Unsplash

I see the road in front of me, I anticipate the corners ahead, and I am ready to swerve as required at any turn. Sure, I might turn too quick or slow. I might even crash, but that’s how speed works. I understand that, and I have no qualms. I love speed. Besides, nothing can take me off the road for long because I can see myself holding the champion’s trophy already.

One of the major reasons I am in love with Formula One is that the champion is not decided in one race. It’s all about the accumulation of points from various races. So even if I crash or come in fourth in a particular race, I will compete in the next race, therefore, it’s not over until it’s over.

For me, as long as I am alive, every day is a new day to race to the finish line. And my need for speed is my biggest asset. I am actively competing in this game of life. I’ve won some races and lost others; I’ve crashed a couple of times. But hey, it’s Formula One. I always have a new car up and running when the next race comes around. And I continue to hold the image of myself holding the champion’s trophy.

There was a time the image was blurred, but I’ve never lost sight of the victory podium. Right now, it’s as clear as daylight, and I am dreaming and driving. Here’s how, I no longer think about writing, I write. I no longer day dream about taking walks (l love taking walks), I walk every day. I no longer wish I could make time to read more books, I read every day. So, you see, I am living my dream life now.

Greater things are on the horizon and because I am moving at the speed of a Formula One car, they are around the corner. I am unstoppable. I have no limitations. I don't even see any limitations. Moving at the speed of a Formula One car makes me feel invisible.

In whatever you are pursuing, I urge you

to dream and drive.

Hold that image of success while you turn the wheel. I do not doubt that your dreams will become a reality. And while you’re driving, enjoy the race. It’s a wonderful thing to dream and drive.

I am almost at my champion’s podium, only a first in many to come. I can clearly see myself there. I have a burning desire to publish my stories and make a living as an author. A few days ago, I published the first chapter of my fiction story “Kevin’s Missing” on Wattpad. I’ve been publishing a new chapter every day since. And while I publish “Kevin’s Missing” I am working on more stories.

One of my stories will lead me to a podium, but that’s not even as important as the fact that I am happy and enjoying the race. I love telling stories and I am telling stories. In a sense, I am already at a podium with the champion’s trophy ready to be handed to me. I am only waiting to pop a champagne bottle. I am a champion because I feel like a champion and act like a champion. This is what it means.

to dream and drive

Post Script

Pressilla has participated in the Shikodo Eight Doors Program in Uganda. Her aspiration is to become a writer. She struggled with many setbacks and putdowns being told she is a woman and this is not what women do. Pressilla showed determination and with a new mindset now produces some notable pieces of writing which we are proud to showcase. Pressilla's writing can be found at

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