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An Open Doorway to your Future

Shikodo Eight Doors is a solution, strengths and skills focused mindset to problem solving, attainment of goals and well-being. Each of the eight doors open into a special space providing you with powerful and strategic skills.

The Shikodo Eight Doors program has come together as a result of bringing together a set of the most instrumental learnings and methods we have gleaned from intense work with people living on the edge in both in the mental health fields as well as developing communities. Without a mindset that is solution, strengths and psychological skills focused it was basically game over. This is not new or ground breaking. Ask any successful athlete of sports person about what gives a winning edge, most will agree that it’s largely mindset. It’s how you think. That’s Shikodo’s tagline. It’s that one three letter word how that makes all the difference. How do you think? It’s a question I often ask at the beginning of workshops and I usually get a sea of blank stares. That’s OK. It’s not something we often consider; but it’s important and has a direct bearing on the outcomes we hope for.

Doors are a feature of many traditions, mythology and religions. Doors can quite often conjure up curiosity and thoughts of the mysterious. What lies behind this or that door? Doors open up to new futures as well as close to the past. In Shikodo, Doors represent new spaces that open up to us for possibility and transformation, a space that calls on the seeming impossible to become possible. A young orphan woman in a poor rural village once told me that her dream of becoming a teacher could never be realized because it’s not what poor orphan girls do. She was stuck in a communally inherited closed mindset. As she learnt to change her mindset the same young woman went on to complete her education and leads a very successful career.

There is an old story of the young man who sought his dream. He went to the village magician to ask him how he could attain his dream. The magician told him he needed to go to a certain cave in the mountains and there he would find a long underground corridor with many doors on both sides of the hallway. If he chose the right door, he would find the magic to realize his dream. On entering the deep cavern his heart sank when with the light of his lantern revealed so many doors. Which one would he choose? Finally, he made a decision and chose a door. It opened as he pushed against it. On a table he noticed a silver lantern. As he touched the lantern a genie appeared. His wish would be granted.

I believe that the entire purpose of human evolution is a movement toward realizing and living our own genius and creativity. That which enhances this evolution is that which matters most. Your own genie – genius- is right there within you. You only have to open the right doors.

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