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The Year of Your Life

Conversations can be inspiring moments especially when those conversations are focused on solutions and what could be. It was one of those conversations with one of our members that sparked and launched a pilot project. Our Ugandan member based in Kampala spoke about the lack of opportunities for young people, especially women, who aspire to leadership, opportunities and a better life. We talked about a mindset that locked young people into a failure and hopelessness cycle. Then we began to dream. What if one person could be coached and mentored for one year in developing a growth and solution focused mindset? What difference would that make to them in their life? One year of their life. We stopped then laughed; perhaps that could be the name of the Project: The Year of Your Life.

After a selection process three young women between the ages of 23 – 26 were chosen. These three young women have come from challenging socio-economic and violent backgrounds. It is early days of this pilot project but already they are beginning to see hope in living a life with a growth and solution focused mindset. One of our coachees has already chartered the paths she needs to take to enter tertiary education to study Accounting. These are exciting times.

It is our joy to update our readers and members of the progress of The Year of Your Life. We believe it will make a huge impact in the lives of these young persons and we intend to widen the scope. #Shikodo is about empowering you by how you think. Mindset is vital. We believe that helping one person we may not change the world but we may change the world for them . . .and in that, there is all the difference.

The pilot project is privately funded and if you would like to sponsor a person to be coached please contact us at

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